should i paint my concrete basement floor

When painting your concrete basement floor, safety is important. Painting the basement and the exterior transformed the house. Paint covers and protects the concrete, but requires more work. I am currently refinishing my basement. That's about 400 square feet per gallon on most smooth troweled concrete floors. It's very durable, easy to clean, and comes in many different colors. Here's a fix. Our concrete basement floor was painted before we moved into our house, but the floor was bare in spots. Then apply the stain in an even coat with a brush or roller. Drylock comes in white. Just painting those repairs to make them stand out less removes the objection from some buyers’ minds. I am planning on painting it. And if you’re working with a concrete floor, don’t paint yourself into a corner; start on the far side of the room and work toward the door. Painting a basement and maintaining it increases property value because it removes one thing a potential buyer might object to. How To Paint A Basement Floor Diy Painting. (Note that concrete stain is translucent, so you may not be able to achieve the same uniform look that paint provides.) Q. Doing all of that would probably cost a couple thousand dollars. I once bought a house that had been completely rehabbed upstairs. Outside of the actual painting process, choosing the right basement floor paint is extremely important. If condensation forms, protect the concrete from dampness with a masonry sealer before painting. So if you’re going to paint a basement, you might as well paint the ceiling too. Gray porch paint also doesn’t go out of style, which is more than I can say for many of the vinyl tile patterns I’ve seen. If a basement foundation has had issues in the past and had repairs done, painting the walls will make those repairs less noticeable. Priming before you paint concrete floors helps ensure that your new look will stick. Over time the paint will degrade and you will have to paint it again. You’ll want to choose a paint specifically for concrete, like epoxy paint. I will use it as a laundry room/crafting/doing projects on the work bench. In an attempted to frantically reclaim my basement, I employed some Marie Kono-esque ninja moves. If you edge both the floor and the ceiling, you’ll leave a gap. A quick way to test your concrete floor for moisture is to tape a piece of plastic to the concrete floor approximately 2 feet by 2 feet. Before you paint a concrete floor, clean it thoroughly and apply several coats of sealer to prevent moisture from damaging your paintwork. But it sat on the market for 18 months for two reasons: The basement was dark and dingy and the exterior was a faded, dated green that looked bad in the 60s and looks worse today. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your e-mail address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. Test your concrete by pouring some water on it; if the water soaks in, the concrete is porous enough to be painted. My husband and I recently decided that we would want to transform our basement into a wine cellar. Because concrete is ... and goes on just like a coat of paint. And while you’ll probably have to repaint it from time to time, touching up or even repainting the floor is less work than tile. How to Choose the Best Basement Concrete Floor Paints First of all, you should think about why you need to paint one or another surface in your home. They leave the ductwork and all the structural elements exposed, and just paint it all a single color. So why don’t more homeowners choose to paint concrete? Should I paint the concrete floor in the basement? I once bought a house that had big metal pieces to stop the walls from settling, and large, visible epoxy crack repairs. Instructions say to use when above 50 degrees. But this direct installation will result in a floor that’s cold underfoot. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. HP Elitebook won't turn on? Epoxy can … Should I paint my basement concrete floor? Called elastomeric wall coating or paint, it includes binders that allow the paint to expand and contract with concrete as it warms and cools. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But it can reduce seepage, and it will do a great job of controlling humidity. Fix it in a minute flat, Where the red wire goes in a light fixture. DRYLOK® Latex Concrete Floor Paint is used to beautify horizontal masonry and wood surfaces like concrete and wooden steps, concrete walkways, and garage/basement floors. Sometimes, you might need it for a … But despite the extra steps, painting concrete isn’t a complicated project, and the finished product can be well worth the effort. If I had to sell a house fast, I would paint the basement, paint the living area a neutral color, replace any dated light fixtures and faucets with the second- or third-cheapest option at the nearest home center, and replace any worn out floors. A fresh coat of paint or stain can really spruce up concrete basement or garage walls and floors and bring new life to a worn concrete patio. Don’t finish a basement …Until you read this. Although the sealer acts as a paint primer, you may also consider applying a concrete primer to ensure strong adhesion and a smooth finish. For professional remodeling services for inside and outside your home, contact Reliable Home Improvement. Two-part epoxy kits are not actually paint. Painting cinder block walls in a basement isn’t that different from painting a poured concrete basement, but it’s a bit more important to use the right paint. If the basement is empty, you won’t have to mask or mess around with dropcloths. Another advantage of employing a quality concrete epoxy in a basement is that it can help to waterproof the floor. Thanks! This completely depends on your expectations. EPOXY GARAGE FLOOR PAINT can also be used on basement floors. They recommend painting the basement ceiling too. Not all paint will work on concrete. Painted concrete has its advantages. Wet concrete isn’t paint-friendly, either. Here are some do it yourself tips on how to clean up your basement, moisture proof & paint the walls & floor, make your basement look more then just a place where things get lost. I didn’t like the idea at first, but the next time you go shopping in a big-box store, take a look at the ceiling. Basement Floor Paint. And while you’ll probably have to repaint it from time to time, touching up or even repainting the floor is less work than tile. I once bought a house with a painted cinder block basement that the previous owner had neglected, and most of the paint flaked off over the years. Should I Seal My Concrete Basement Floor. Many basement flooring materials–like paint, epoxy, tile, and rubber flooring, for example—can go down directly over the basement’s original poured concrete floor, as long as the concrete is in good condition. Gray porch paint doesn’t win awards, but it’s a quick, cheap improvement. Painting or staining a concrete surface isn’t typically as simple as rolling a new paint color onto drywall; because porous concrete tends to absorb paint and moisture (which can keep paint from adhering), the process involves some additional prep work. Once the wall is dry, or at least the edge between the wall and the floor is dry, paint the floor. Consider Color. Still, the grey slate of a floor was an unsightly beacon I just couldn’t overlook. It wasn't fun to do (that stuff smells) as well as it takes some time … It can take years or decades. Urethane Paint: Urethane tends to be used primarily as a top coat and sealant, offering a very resilient (albeit tricky to apply) option to protect concrete floors and walls from damage. Should i paint my concrete basement floor sale, carry low voc if you get better than know exactly how to treat the heavyduty paint for a great on what kind of my woodshop when painting concrete paint a garage floor paint however concrete floor paint will adhere to mold and grease spills stains and are. Once the concrete dries, repair any holes and cracks you find with a concrete patch kit, letting the material fully cure before continuing. Concrete paints and stains help to mask surface discoloration and signs of wear and tear and they extend the life of concrete by preventing further damage. At the very least, your dehumidifier won’t have to work as hard, which reduces the noise level in the basement and saves you money. GOT MOLD offers guidance on finishing your basement so they're less likely to cause mold allergies & symptoms. Once the stain dries, finish the job with a protective sealant layer. The basement stays dry (we have a sump pump), although the humidity level is a little higher than we would like. If your basement wall is leaking, don’t expect Drylock on its own to put an end to it. Source: Pinterest. All of the repairs were done properly, but people automatically assume visible repairs mean it will need more repairs in the future. I would use an edger along the ceiling, then roll the rest of the wall. White will look better than plain concrete, but you can tint it a more pleasing gray or tan to get a less sterile look. Should I Paint My Concrete Basement Floor. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If you’re careful you can skip the edger, but I find it faster to edge before rolling. A qualified home inspector will still know the repairs were done, but painting it will stop the basement from screaming that it’s damaged goods. Stains can be applied quickly, and offer color options, but do not protect the concrete. I painted the concrete walls w/ that DryLoc waterproofing paint before I put up my 2 x 4 walls. I saw the demo at Home Depot and it sold me on it. It scratches, you mop with hot water or bleach, it peels. Tired of ugly looking concrete basement walls & floor? Some brands even include an anti-skid additive. Make sure to open all of the doors and windows in your basement prior to painting for good ventilation. Once you’ve chosen the type of base paint you want, the next step is to determine which color is the most appropriate. The first step in any concrete painting or staining project is to clean the surface. If you’re not going to finish a basement, painting the concrete floor with porch paint is a very prudent investment. That’s when it dawned on me. Paint won’t bond well to dirty, rusty or oily spots, and untreated stains can seep through the finish. We had it repainted, but now the new paint comes off easily if scuffed. Depending on how long you want it to last and how much you want to spend, you can go from a 1 part floor enamel , … Some stores will tint it for you. It had a new kitchen with fresh paint and new carpet throughout the upstairs. Can I paint my basement floor after applying the sealer? It should last twice as long as latex paint. We are going to be ripping the carpet out of a room in the basement as my dog has ruined the carpet down there while we are at work. Then, apply a primer to the concrete using a paint roller and a paintbrush. Currently, there is only a fairly new concrete slab in good condition; the walls are sheetrock over concrete block. 1-2 gallons of paint will cover a typical basement floor and you can get it done in a couple of hours, plus drying time. The coverage will depend on how porous the concrete is. Houses sit on the market due to an avalanche of objections. But since so many buyers want a house that’s move-in ready and needs exactly no work, the house will be good enough to attract some percentage of that market. Concrete paints and stains help to mask surface discoloration and signs of wear and tear and they extend the life of concrete by preventing further damage. Concrete basements are used in various ways other than just storage space. It’s silly, but one bedroom painted in a loud color will turn off potential buyers. When waterproofing basement walls ... walls is to install a drainage channel beneath the floor inside the basement. The paint seals the concrete and prevent rising damp, while providing your basement floor with a non-skid surface. Epoxy paint comes in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your style. Not too bad but after a few years it doesn't look perfect, but certainly better than the dirty, rusty concrete that was there before it. Painting a basement concrete floor is definitely faster and easier than putting down vinyl tile . Move all furniture out of the area that will be painted. Basement floor paint options basement floor paint options basement flooring options over concrete waterproof paints wall coatings causes of basement floor s and. Painting cinder block walls with Drylock will definitely make a cinder block basement more comfortable and pleasant. The surface should be acid etched, which helps to give the concrete a profile so the paint has something to grip to. Now it’s time to paint. If you paint your walls with Drylock, you may not need a dehumidifier in the basement anymore. Completely tape all 4 edges of plastic to the floor. So, should I paint my basement? Apply the paint with a masonry paintbrush or textured roller for fuller coverage. Basement Floor Sealer The Best To Use For Floors. Our basement is heated by space heaters and obviously i'll have those gone to paint the floor. After a home is built and the concrete floor is laid, the water in the concrete will begin to push it’s way out of the concrete as it starts to dry. My questions are: I am on the fence as to whether I should use an epoxy paint or a porch and floor enamel(or another enamel type) paint. Paint adheres best to textured surfaces. The heavy-duty paint you'll use to paint your basement floor contains a chemical component that requires timely application. A fresh coat of paint or stain can really spruce up concrete basement or garage walls and floors and bring new life to a worn concrete patio. It makes it not look objectionable, and it’s much cheaper than putting in a ceiling. All that my basement floor needed was a fresh coat of paint. LEDs for American Flyer, Lionel, and Marx trains, Fix your dead SSD with the power cycle method. Painting your concrete basement floor is a good home improvement project that you can do with your kids. How to remodel a dirt basement floor how to remodel a dirt basement floor sealing basement floors why it is 1 concrete sealer radon mitigation gap between your basement floor wall. The paint creates a tight membrane that will not allow water to pass through it, except under severe flooding conditions. David L. Farquhar, computer security professional, train hobbyist, and landlord. Is it possible to do this when it's colder or is this a pretty necessary step? Mechanical keyboard key stopped working? After careful and considerable research, I painted my basement floor. Drylock is too thick to use in most sprayers, but it will roll on fairly quickly. Otherwise, rough up the surface a bit with a concrete etching solution. You can stain, paint, decorate, age, pattern or etch your concrete floor to get the look you want, one layer at a time. Painting a basement isn’t a one-time effort that you can just do and forget about. By continuing to use this site, you indicate you accept these terms. After doing some research online and talking to the experts at my local hardware store, I found out that you should always seal the basement floor with a moisture barrier primer. I see that a good bonding primer is recommended. Some potential buyers will still notice them and ask questions, but all it takes to increase the value of a house is to remove the question from one or two prospects’ minds. Thank you for pointing out that I should still waterproof my basement if I want to paint its floor. Concrete floors can be treated with concrete stains or concrete paints. Should I Paint My Concrete Basement Floor. Painted concrete has its advantages. But it’s not a zero-maintenance option. Your average living space looks better than a Costco, but a Costco looks better and more inviting than your average unfinished basement. Once you’re done, your basement will probably look like a Costco. Painting a basement is a cheap way to really improve its appearance. Painting a basement concrete floor is definitely faster and easier than putting down vinyl tile. If you roll along the floor, you’ll probably leave a gap. It also looks better than a drop ceiling with leak marks on it. We will be installing a floating floor in our below-grade basement, so we can use it as a family room. In this case, the painted basement decreased the house’s value by turning away buyers, rather than the intended effect. 36 sec read. I can edge faster than I can roll carefully. Give the concrete a good scrub using a stiff brush and a trisodium phosphate solution or other degreaser and strip old, flaking paint with a wire brush. The paint also won’t last as long, since cinder blocks do tend to bleed in more moisture than poured concrete. Since it’s more than a paint, don’t expect the color to match exactly like it would if you bought a conventional paint. Get a paint sprayer and some ceiling paint, then paint the ceiling first. Edge the part between the floor and the wall first. On September 10, 2020 By Amik. A green or beige color can really warm up a basement. Both have their advantages. I don’t like cinder block basements, but in some areas, you don’t get much of a choice. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I paint my room every 5-6 years with the basic grey basement paint. If you’re painting a garage or patio floor, consider using an epoxy-based paint for maximum durability and stain resistance. The house will sell faster, reducing my carrying costs, and it may increase the asking price by more than I spend. Make sure the new concrete has cured @ least 30 days. My home inspector and realtor recommend one more thing that I thought sounded crazy at first. So I would paint along the edge between the floor and the ceiling with a brush, and I would do that before rolling the wall, so it’ll be dry by the time you get to the floor. Yes, the plywood, the joists, the ductwork, and the plumbing. A 2 part water based system would work just fine on a basement floor. How much sealer will I need to do my floor? You need to get an epoxy paint that is made specifically for concrete. The best paint for basement walls, by far, is Drylock. Painted concrete floors look great on any floor in your home including garage, basement, living room, patio or balcony. Just keep in mind you will be touching up the paint every few years, or even repainting it entirely. It also takes a fraction of the time it takes to finish it. But as long as you don’t look at it as something you do once and forget about, painting a basement can improve its appearance and make it less humid, making it a more pleasant and useful place. Basement floor paint will not adhere to moist or wet concrete, it will blister and peel off shortly after you install it. Then, as long as you cleaned the paint gun thoroughly, you can spray the floor and get it done very quickly. Drylock is more than a paint, because it also controls moisture. Clean your basement floor thoroughly. Select paint made specifically for concrete; masonry paints are thicker and more durable than most other types. The basement is dry, but humid in the summer. If you choose to use an acid stain to color your concrete, the process begins the same way as a painting project: do a thorough cleaning and make the necessary repairs. For most concrete floors 800 - 1000 square feet, you will need ONE 5 gallon pail of sealer for two applications. Paint intended for masonry or bricks also works on concrete. The combination of one or more bedrooms painted in what I call a public nuisance color, plus outdated fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms and an unpleasant basement can easily turn off enough potential buyers to reduce the value of a house by $10,000 or more. Coating a concrete surface with paint can also make for easier cleaning and maintenance, another definite plus. A concrete floor must be properly readied to ensure that the paint will adhere to it. Most big-box stores don’t bother putting a ceiling in. Getting ready to prime (behr masonry/concrete primer) and paint (concrete paint) my basement floor. On June 5, 2020 By Amik. Epoxy paint (also known as one-part epoxy paint) is very similar to the latex acrylic paint but is stronger and bonds better to the concrete. Painting your basement floor ensures that the foundations remain waterproof, and you don’t have to deal with any musty odors in the space. Select a primer that’s compatible with both concrete and the epoxy paint that you’ll use as a finish coat. Once the primer is dry, apply masonry paint to the floor … Only after you weigh all of the factors. Use with decorative stencils to add personality and protection. To check for excess moisture, tape a square of plastic wrap or aluminum foil to the surface for 24 hours. Then paint your walls with Drylock.

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