sevier county tn zoning ordinance

In order to apply for a Special Event Permit, customers should visit you need help setting up an account, please call 1-866-957-3764.Otherwise choose the "Planning and Zoning" tab, then choose "Planning and Zoning" project type. Tennessee, That the inhabitants within the corporate limits and boundaries hereinafter described in the Eleventh Civil District of Sevier County, Tennessee, shall be and continue a body politic and corporate by the name of City of Gatlinburg. For example, the City of Chattanooga has zoning rules that regulate the height and location of a fence. The County shall comply with applicable requirements of Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Sevier County Personnel Policies and Procedures, as well as any other applicable law pertaining to disability non-discrimination. Read More: How to Keep People From Trespassing on … This district is established for low-density residential development, while preventing non-compatible commercial, industrial, and dense residential uses. A county zoning search provides information on county zoning rules, zoning regulations, zoning restrictions, approved building plans, zoning maps, county zoning maps, zoning rules, rejected building plans, and renovation regulations. That said corporate limits of said City of Gatlinburg shall embrace the Special Event Permit Application. 120 Gary Wade Blvd. 503.1. This site acts as a central hub for the State of Tennessee's response to COVID-19 and represents a collaboration between many State agencies. Intent and Purpose. Sevier County Officials Require Face Coverings in Public Flood Information Learn more about our Ordinance , Elevation Certificate , and FEMA No-Rise Certificate . Contact ADA Coordinator Larry Russell at 865.774.3644. SEVIERVILLE ZONING CODE 1 1.1 Authority 1.1.1 An ordinance, in pursuance of the authority granted by Sections 13-7-201 through 13-7-210 and Section 13-7-401, Tennessee Code Anno- R-1 Rural Residential District. Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry Debris Burn Permit Application . Sevier County Board of Zoning Appeals as being similar to one listed above and conforming to the intent of this zoning district. Dustin Smith, Development Director. Local Ordinances and Zoning Rules Effecting Fences. 503. Sevierville, TN 37862 Phone: 865.453.5504 Contact Us. Cities and counties in the state of Tennessee have established a number of zoning laws, some of which regulate the height of fences and the materials you can use to construct them.In addition, some specific laws address where you can place fences on property lines and what you can do if a neighbor disputes a fence on a boundary line. Kelly Stahlke, Database and Software Manager. CR213-01 - '16 State of Tiny Houses in Tennessee (3) CR214-01 - Introduction to IRC/IBC Seismic Provisions (7) CR214-02 - Introduction to IRC/IBC Seismic Provisions (3) CR215-00 - 2018 IRC Deck Construction (1) CR217-00 - 2018 IRC Alterations, Renovations & Additions (3) CR218-00 - Residential Concrete & ACI 332 Requirements (4) In addition to Tennessee's partition fence laws, most properties are also covered by local zoning rules, building ordinances, and homeowner's association covenants. Sevier County Officials Require Face Coverings in Public. The 421 Corporation, of course, argued that the “same property provision” was not equivalent to Tennessee Code Annotated, § 13-7-208(e), that it was less inclusive than the prohibition on expansion than Tennessee Code Annotated, § 13-7-208(e), and that the zoning ordinance on that point superceded the statute. Map of Sevierville zoning with the ability to search by address or parcel. Search for Tennessee county zoning information.

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